We are a dynamic education institution, where the teaching process is directed towards the full interaction of educated and professional educators, providing all the possibilities for qualitatively acquiring an educational program. It gives our students being able to compete in the job market (in the present socioeconomic situation) and develop into a talented personality.

Our offered educational programs are based on providing both – theoretical knowledge and practical skills, also with a possibility to learn new languages. Anyone who learns with us has the opportunity to practice in the employer’s field in order to get the new profession as good as possible. Educational programs are developed in cooperation with employers and professionals, in order to concentrate and purposefully deliver the skills required in the labor market in the shortest possible time.

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Our Quality Standards and Accreditation Services

Licensing an educational program is granting rights to an educational institution to implement a particular educational program. Educational programs can be implemented at an educational institution, a public organization, a craftsman’s workshop or a studio.

Educational programs can be implemented in an educational institution, a public organization, a craftsman’s workshop or a studio.The implementation of the curriculum starts within one year from the date of receipt of the license.

The implementation process starts within one year from the date of application for the license. Educational institution implementing a certain educational program is entitled to credit students only after obtaining the corresponding license for the implementation of the educational program.An educational institution is entitled to start the implementation of educational programs in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments by the day it is registered in the Register of Educational Institutions. The date of registration of an educational establishment is also considered as the day of notification of the administrative act. An educational institution is entitled to implement one or several educational programs.

Within the first year of accreditation, a school receives a certain list of tasks that need to be accomplished in order to receive a successful result. The list includes things like quality checks of tutors, materials used, technology, quality checks of premises where the learning process takes place and others. The education institution needs to be able to get at least 90% from all the requirements to qualify for the next step. During the next step, our company representatives examine every aspect in real life by visiting the institution and making sure that everything’s as filled in our forms.

Please note: sometimes education institutions fill the forms irresponsibly and many of the required qualities are not met. If during the final checks such situation comes up, we keep rights to completely unlist the educational institution from our potential partner list.