Quality Schools offer nonformal education for unemployed people who have received coupons from the State Employment Agency.

How to apply for this training

Upon receiving the coupon for your chosen education program, within 10 days, go to the nearest Quality Schools branch so that we can fill out the application form and put you on the waiting list.

The application is taken to the branch office of the school.

Learn about programs of interest to well-known educators and get a scholarship – 99.60 EUR per month!

We are currently offering you the following professions:

  • Electrician (960 academic hours, 3rd level of professional qualification)
  • Accountant (960 academic hours, 3rd level of professional qualification)
  • Warehouse Manager (960 academic hours, 3rd level of professional qualification)
  • Repair mechanic (960 academic hours, level 3 professional qualification)
  • Customer Service Operator (480 academic hours, 2nd level of professional qualification)
  • Clerk (640 academic hours, level 2 professional qualification)
  • Builder (960 academic hours, 3rd level of professional qualification)

We also offer training in regions in the following programs:

  • Languages: English, German, French and Norwegian with and without background knowledge
  • Business French
  • Computer science with and without background knowledge
  • Work with the office software package OpenOffice
  • Computer literacy in accounting
  • DWGEditor
  • SolidWorks
  • SolidEdge
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Corel Draw Graphics
  • Web Solution Development
  • Installing, Configuring, and Maintaining Personal Computer Operating Systems and Applications

Having multiple options, sometimes it’s hard to choose and begin. We understand that and recommend to reach out to our friendly support team that’s going to help you understand what our programs can offer in your case. There’s no previous experience required and that gives our students an opportunity to start a new path in their lives. In some cases even a way more successful than previously.

The first step would be to analyze your previous points of interest and experience to identify the program. Usually, we try to understand if our student wants to change the industry or get better at it. It’s often important because having a job and profession that you like is going to change the way you look at work as well as your performance is most likely to increase. I.e. If you like to work in the office and plan your time entirely, we’ve taught our students how to use computer software like Adobe and they’re working from home as freelancers and became their own boss. They don’t need to go to an office.

Some people prefer to drive a huge truck but it also requires some experience. In general, that’s what we’re going to do in the first step.

The second step is going to be where we find you the most suitable group based on your previous knowledge and experience and you’ll be able to begin the learning process.