Quality Schools offers a language school that organizes individual activities in your home at a convenient time.

In order to meet the diverse needs of our listeners, we have created a rich offer of language courses.

Quality Schools classes are based on the needs analysis of students, adapted to their age, and the level of language competence.

Courses are conducted using a communication method, where the main focus is on the practical application of newly acquired grammatical structures and vocabulary in specific social situations.

In teaching foreign languages we use our own curricula and work with well-known and well-respected students and teachers to publish.

Our School is the answer to the individual needs of the students – at the time of their choice, at a convenient time, in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere, students learn the secrets of foreign languages.

Individual lessons are ideally suited to the level of proficiency, character and language ability of the learner, which makes learning not only stressful but above all becomes more effective. During individual sessions, you work at your own pace and the teacher’s attention is focused solely on your needs.

Regardless of what motivates you to learn foreign languages, our priority is to learn to communicate freely and to communicate in a variety of situations.

The learning process

Our students have a choice of either private lessons or the intimate atmosphere of a group of people with similar language skills.

Being the most flexible form of a language course, individual lessons are an excellent alternative to anyone who has specific language requirements – helping to master vocabulary in a particular industry, project preparation, or presentation.

Quality School‘s graduates are philology graduates who, in addition to their many years of experience in foreign language teaching, also have a passion that they can impart to their students in an extraordinary way, making each and every lesson in our school unique and unrepeatable.


If you’re currently out of job don’t worry, there are many government support programs that may be useful to save you money. Some of these programs are going to help you with funding and recruitment process. The only thing you’ll need is to fill out an application form (you may send us an inquiry on the right) and their friendly stuff is going to find a group and industry for you.

In 2016, we helped more than 700 people to get back on track with their careers and find a new career path. You can do it to but you’ll need to make the first step!