Human resources

Nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to find experts in human resources and most companies are constantly looking for a highly qualified workforce. By studying human resources you’ll be able to fill the gap with your knowledge and help these companies find the best possible candidates. It’s something that’s going to be needed always and no matter how far technology goes, you’ll have a chance to participate in the process.

In the program, we always begin with local examples and go beyond country boundaries to see how companies work in different places. It helps you to develop a truly international experience and knowledge. Also, take a look at our languages courses. Languages are important for international markets.

Computer sciences

Starting with the very basics of how computer hardware works and ending with the most advanced technological innovations. During the learning process, you’ll be able to test most of well-known systems that people use every day. Some technologies people use almost every hour and they don’t even know it.

Our students come from various industries and when the learning process begins, we often hear that they didn’t expect to see so many interesting examples to excite them about the computer science even more.

Business psychology

Subconsciousness – the strongest enemy or the most trusted and best friend in making a conscious life. It’s what goes into basics of business psychology as well.

The subconscious, since birth, forms the entire human life. That’s why it’s imperative for everyone to learn how to work with this invisible part and make it work, as it is for the person himself. For this part of the human being to be an ally, not an enemy who perceives and realizes every emotionally, uncontrollably formed idea – a team.

People learn to communicate and work with certain parts of the subconscious and to get them to listen and help fulfill human dreams, rather than creating events that hurt.

We learn how to find and transform beliefs and programs that have shaped the existing problem. Work is done with the specific, current parts of the subconscious, programs and beliefs.

Everyone should understand that regardless of whether he or she knows and admits or denies and ignores the subconscious – it exists. And yes – in business too!

Customer relationship management

The customer service operator works on a variety of companies and institutions associated with the reception and servicing of customers and visitors. Deal with the provision of information and advice, acceptance, registration, and processing of orders.

Course program:

  • Customer service
  • Communication and applied psychology
  • Business Etiquette
  • Typing
  • Computer training
  • Qualification practice

As a result of the educational process, you’re going to be a prepared specialist in the 2nd professional qualification level. All of the above programs will give you a good basic education in the specific fields, to further one of these specialist professions you will probably got to university. The government have a student finance funding helpline to assist you with your finances through your  university education.

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